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The Godmother

Madre Pascalina: A Feminine Tour de Force

What could two people from different generations, of different nationalities, backgrounds, and mentalities possibly have in common?


The Godmother shows how human relationships can spring from common interests, but also how —through shared experiences— they can flourish and mature into deep, spiritual, and lasting friendships.

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The Society of Judas

Not by mere chance did Dante reserve the lowest circle of hell for traitors.


“Your enemies can not betray you, Charlie; only a friend can betray. But when friends conspire to betray . . . I mean, who could hope to emerge victorious against an entire ‘Society of Judas’?!”

The Syrian

And Other Short Stories






What happens when an old realist and a young idealist reunite to decide a third man's fate? A matter of life or death. Hilarion Capucci, the Syrian Archbishop. Charles Murr, the American Priest. An international kidnapping.

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