The Syrian

And Other Short Stories

Many call him a terrorist; foremost among them, the Jews. The Israeli government arrested him in Jerusalem and charged him with arms smuggling. He was tried, found guilty and sentenced to 57 years in prison. His own countrymen, however, saw things very differently. The Syrians acclaimed him a hero. Vociferous and unceasing in their efforts to free him, the Syrian government ultimately won his prison release after he had served four of his 57-year sentence. His somber image was on Syrian postage stamps; it flew on flags, was plastered on the sides of buildings, and was painted on posters and banners throughout the Middle East. More often than not, accompanying it were calls to Arab action and the never ending cry for “Death to the Zionist Pigs!”


Archbishop Hilarion Capucci was indeed an enigma… a very powerful and extraordinarily astute enigma.


In The SYRIAN, his latest true-fiction novel, author Charles T. Murr recounts the very unusual tale of a cordial relationship between two very unusual men - His Excellency, Hilarion George Capucci and a young American priest, “Pere Charlot” - and the adventure that left them true friends for life.

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What happens when an old realist and a young idealist reunite to decide a third man's fate? A matter of life or death. Hilarion Capucci, the Syrian Archbishop. Charles Murr, the American Priest. An international kidnapping.

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